Jenny McCarthy Shows Off New Tattoo, Promotes Talk Show – Video

Star stops by The Today to talk about The Jenny McCarthy Show

Jenny McCarthy is ready to make her transition from talk show guest to talk show host: this Friday, her new show, aptly called The Jenny McCarthy Show, premieres on VH1. Below is a video of the star talking about it on The Today Show.

However, before doing that, she gushes a bit about her first tattoo ever: a flower symbol she got during the Super Bowl game (blackout, better yet) and which is now the talk of the town.

Jenny explains that she got it because she was bored.

“I basically, during the blackout, at the Superbowl, decided to do something besides gorge pizza and I went next door and got a new tattoo. I was literally like ‘what do I do with myself?’” she says.

“It’s a permanent tattoo. I always wanted one… I didn’t feel like having a symbol since I don’t, like, have a guy I want to tattoo his name on me, so I got a little decor. It could be my midlife crisis,” the former glamour girl jokes.

As for her new show, she promises it will be fun and revealing at the same time, kind of like a party with “real conversations.”

To get that, she will cut pre-interviews and just sit down with her celebrity guests and talk about whatever comes to her mind.

“If I’m getting a tattoo when I’m bored, you can just imagine what I’m asking [my guests],” she says with a chuckle.

The show will also include a segment called “Groundbreaking Interviews,” which will see her and her guest lying on the floor sucking lollipops, with the camera looming above them, chit-chatting away.

It might not sound too “groundbreaking” but at least it sounds like a lot of fun.

The Jenny McCarthy Show premieres February 8.

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