Jenny McCarthy Gets Her Own Talk Show on VH1

Glamor girl promises the show will be a no-holds-barred type of program

Jenny McCarthy has landed her own talk show and she promises fans that it will be the kind of program they will not want to miss. “The Jenny McCarthy Show” will premiere on VH1 soon.

Speaking about it, Jenny reveals in a recent interview that it will target adults, so producers have given her free reign about the topics approached.

Further details are not known at this time but, knowing Jenny, she will probably make for a very entertaining talk show host.

As for that TV talker – “The Jenny McCarthy Show” — which is coming to VH1, Jenny said it would showcase all sides of her personality.

“I’m scared and excited about it at the same time. Because it’s for an adult audience, the producers are giving me free rein and have asked me to push the envelope, I get to be my true, dirty self,” she says.

Another thing Jenny gets to do now is show off her incredibly toned abs and figure on the cover of Shape magazine. Body by soup, she swears – more on that here.

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