Jennifer Lopez to Leave American Idol for Her Own Show

Fans of the first post-Simon Cowell American Idol season who believe Jennifer Lopez as judge is a keeper, will probably be saddened to hear that she may not return for a second one because she’s thinking of launching her own show.

Even though the current season of AI is not even close to finish, talk has already begun of whether Lopez should return or not.

Most fans believe that she brings the right ingredients to the mix and that her chemistry with Steven Tyler and, of course, Randy Jackson, is perfect.

Even if viewers at home and producers want JLo back on board for another season, it may not happen, PopEater reports.

“American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is reportedly shopping around her own reality singing competition show, further fueling the rumors of her departure from the Idol judges panel after just one season on the hit show,” the e-zine notes.

Admittedly, her own show has been in the making for a very long time and would come with a clear advantage over AI, in that it would also include Jennifer’s husband Marc.

Some of you may remember that, one point, there was some talk about how the marriage between the two was strained because of Lopez’s gig on AI, which meant too much time spent away from home.

“Tentatively titled ‘Que Viva,’ Jennifer’s show would feature herself and hubby Marc Anthony talent scouting Latin American countries for future stars,” PopEater says of the new show.

In other words, it would be like American Idol – but different.

“The Puerto Rican couple are teaming up with Idol creator and executive producer Simon Fuller to make the project happen. Apparently the show has been in the works for some time now,” the e-zine further notes.

As of now, this is just speculation since AI producers and Jennifer Lopez are all keeping mum on the topic. If the above is accurate, an announcement will probably be made by the end of the season.

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