Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Casper Smart Has Secret Boyfriend

Report online claims dancer is cheating on the diva with another man, using her

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been going strong for several months now but not all is as it seems with the 24-year-old backup dancer, claims a new report. In fact, he's been cheating on her all along – with another man, no less.

Reports that Smart might be using Lopez for fame and money started to make the rounds the second it became clear that she was very serious about it.

However, this is a first in terms of challenging his orientation.

A blog named Hello Beautiful claims to have it on very good authority that Smart is actually gay and has been maintaining a relationship with another man all the while he's been dating Lopez.

The source is unnamed and can't be verified, but the report is scandalous enough to have been picked by other celebrity blogs as well, all of which are now wondering whether it's possible there's some truth to it.

Not only is Smart gay but he's actually using the money Jennifer is giving him to take care of his secret lover, the tipster says.

“Casper Smart is a smart one. He is a big woman – As in, he has a boyfriend JLo knows nothing about. Casper has been involved with this dude for years,” says the source.

“The allowance that Casper gets every month, he’s been giving most of it to his boyfriend. JLo swears up and down she’s in love, and doesn’t know she’s getting bamboozled by a dude that likes dudes,” the tipster adds, explaining that the singer has no idea about the man she's now sharing her life with.

“What is in the dark will always come to the light Miss smart, but I have a feeling that JLo is too far in. Casper is a Smart one,” the spy goes on to say.

For what it's worth, Lopez's camp has already denied that she put Casper on a weekly allowance, just so he no longer feels bad when she has to pay for everything, so at least that part of the report could be wrong.

As for the rest, we'll just say this: time will tell. We'll keep you updated on this.

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