Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Reconciliation on the Way

Reports say the two are getting along famously, might even consider getting back together

Despite rumors that they're smitten with the new lovers in their life, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez probably only have eyes for each other these days. At least, that's what a recent report is claiming.

TMZ notes that the two exes are now getting along better than ever – and that a reconciliation might even be on the way.

Sources close to the former couple say for the celebrity e-zine that the two are no longer fighting, that they're communicating as they used do in the early years of their relationship and that they're even looking forward to spending more time together.

Distance, it would seem, has done them good.

“Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have found the secret to getting along – splitting up. Sources very close to the former couple tell TMZ, months before the breakup, there was virtual radio silence between the two,” the e-zine writes.

When they did talk, it ended in fighting and tears on Jennifer's part, to the point where neither was willing to be the one to make the first move anymore.

“But since the split, we're told their bond has materially strengthened. They are communicating and co-parenting well and not fighting at all,” TMZ notes.

“We're told they're actually happy to do joint appearances for their new show, as well as charity work,” adds the same media outlet.

In fact, Jennifer and Marc have been getting along so well recently that friends don't even rule out the possibility of getting back together again, to see if their relationship could be saved.

“Sources say a number of people around them are saying there are signs of a possible reconciliation, although it is by no means certain,” TMZ writes.

While chances of this happening might look good, according to the celebrity e-zine, voices online are saying a reconciliation is unlikely, especially since Jennifer was photographed with her boyfriend Casper Smart a few days ago – and they looked pretty taken with each other, as the photos here will confirm.

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