Jennifer Lopez Shakes Her Tailfeather on American Idol Finale

Last night on the American Idol finale, the house was packed with celebrities waiting for their turn to perform on the biggest night of the season. Among them was also Marc Anthony, who brought his wife Jennifer Lopez to dance for him on the stage.

“Now we know what they do at home,” host Ryan Seacrest said grinning at the end of the performance.

As the video below will confirm, while fans may be used to seeing Marc and Jennifer perform together, on the AI finale, they changed it up a bit – and JLo didn’t even touch the mic.

Granted, she’s already performed once on the show this season, so doing it again so soon would have probably looked like she was going for overkill.

Still, fans were not disappointed: Marc stepped on the stage, as dancers with huge feather fans were dancing to the beat.

Sheila E was on percussion and, later on, Lopez also waltzed in, dressed in a short, frilly number that was just perfect for the kind of energetic routine she had prepared with the backup dancers.

Even though JLo didn’t sing, her performance with her husband was one of the best moments of the night, as She Knows also points out.

“American Idol went Idolo Americano on Wednesday night’s finale when lovebirds Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez teamed up to perform Aguanile from the movie they did together, El Cantante,” the e-zine says.

“Well, she didn’t sing – she just let her trademark booty do the talking,” adds the publication. Or, as other media outlets put it, she tried to distract Marc with her dancing from his singing. Of course, she failed.

Proof that their joint appearance was well received was the fact that #Aguanile became a trending topic on Twitter shortly after the show, prompting a very enthusiastic reaction from JLo herself.

“Look baby!!! @MarcAnthony!!!!!! #aguanile on @AmericanIdol,” she gushed on the social networking site, including with the tweet a screenshot to prove that #Aguanile was trending.

Check out the fiery performance below.

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