Jennifer Lopez Performs Two New Songs on SNL

“Starting Over” and “Pieces”

Though she recently parted ways with the record label she’s been with ever since she began her singing career, Jennifer Lopez continues to plug her upcoming album, officially scheduled to arrive this summer. The singer was the host of the latest episode of Saturday Night Live and, as expected, she also performed: two new tracks that will presumably be included on “Love,” AceShowbiz says.

The two new songs are “Starting Over” and “Pieces,” both dealing with the theme of love, with one seen more as a longtime commitment that is the hardest to break, while the other is more of a “thank you” song. On both, Lopez sang live, which is not something she does as a rule if she has to perform complicated dance moves as well. This time, though, this wasn’t the case as the stage was small and the gig itself intimate, therefore fans in the audience were treated to live performances from JLo.

“In addition to spoofing Rihanna in a digital short, Jennifer Lopez also took the stage to entertain the ‘Saturday Night Live’ viewers with her live performances on February 27. She acoustically sang two tracks, ‘Starting Over’ and "Pieces" both of which are supposedly taken from her new album ‘Love?’. In previous news, Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that the new record will still be released despite her departure from Sony Music Epic Group. In a statement, she said about having found a new home to drop the album which is due for summer release,” the aforementioned publication says.

While the performance for “Starting Over” went well, there were moments in “Pieces” when Lopez’s vocals were clearly strained, several celebrity bloggers are pointing out. It’s a common known fact that Lopez is not the most extraordinary live performer, so perhaps trying to reach too high notes should not have crossed her mind in the first place, it is being said. Some posters on video sharing websites even compare her second performance to having to “listen to a bunch of cats being skinned alive,” though they may be exaggerating just a bit.

Below is Jennifer Lopez performing “Pieces” – you watch it and judge for yourselves whether her performance was really that bad or not.

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