Jennifer Lopez Is Engaged to Casper Smart, Reports Say

Star pops up in Paris, wearing huge diamond ring on her engagement finger

Contrary to earlier reports that she was thisclose to dumping her backup dancer turned boyfriend and lead tour choreographer Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez might have actually gotten engaged to him the other day in Paris.

Attached to this article is a photo of Jennifer at the Chanel fashion show, which she attended with Casper and her daughter with Marc Anthony, Emme.

As you can clearly see, she’s wearing a bauble that looks very much like an engagement ring, which could mean Casper has popped the question – and she said yes.

Celebrity bloggers note that Jennifer wore the same ring next day as well, at another fashion show, so it wasn’t just an accessory for one night, but an item with some value to her.

Lainey Gossip writes that this is just the kind of thing Jennifer Lopez, the incurable romantic, would do: fall in love shortly after falling out of love, get married, get divorced, rinse and repeat.

“When have you known Jennifer Lopez NOT to fall in love for the sake of falling in love, and often loving down instead of loving across, or even up, and not end up married... for not-forever?” Lainey writes.

As noted above, until not long ago, there was a lot of talk of how Lopez had finally realized that Smart was far from the guy she’d pictured him to be.

He was not dating her because he really, truly loved her, but only because he wanted to use her good name, reputation and money to launch his own career.

Consequently, Lopez had decided to dump him.

“Casper likes to hang out and party with the other dancers and that just isn’t Jen’s scene. She is all business and is the utmost professional. Jen is absolutely going to break up with him, they just don’t have a long term future together,” a spy was telling the tabs in August, as we reported.

“Jen admits that she fell for Casper and that he was exactly what she needed at the time to help get over her painful split with Marc, but she is just ready to move on now,” added the same insider.

It turns out Jennifer might have done the exact opposite of that.

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