Jennifer Lopez Drops ‘On the Floor’ on American Idol

As promised earlier on, Jennifer Lopez will show young guns on American Idol a thing or two about what it takes to be an excellent live performer and chart-topping singer. Hours ago, the diva left her seat on the judges panel to perform “On the Floor.”

Fresh off the release of her brand new video for “I’m Into You” of which we also told you a few days ago, Jennifer changed into her best and most comfortable sparkly stage outfit for a performance on American Idol.

Check out the video below to see it in full.

The track is the lead single off her latest album “Love?” and features rapper Pitbull. It’s produced by uber-producer RedOne and has proved a hit with fans and critics alike.

As such, it needed a live performance to match, which is precisely what JLo made sure fans got.

Dressed in a shimmering, belly-bearing outfit, Jennifer smashed the glass to set free two male dancers from their glass cages, got high up in the air and then really low (like, literally on the floor) for the uptempo performance.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that, while the people at home were led to believe they were actually watching a live performance, it had actually been pretaped – for security reasons, AI producers told the media.

“The performance was actually pretaped, even though viewers were led to believe it was live. Following the performance, host Ryan Seacrest told the viewing audience that they were waiting for Lopez to change before she returned to the stage,” THR writes.

“The official reason given for the pretaped performance had to do with concern over the safety of the audience during planned bits involving glass breaking. However, an audience can be seen watching Lopez perform,” the same publication notes.

Whatever the reason for Lopez choosing to pretape her performance instead of doing it live, it certainly came out as fun and exciting as she promised it would be, her fans are saying on dedicated forums.

Check it out in the video below – and see whether they’re right.


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