Jennifer Lopez Drops ‘Fresh Out the Oven,’ Feat. Pitbull

Produced by the Neptunes, single promises to become a dance anthem

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to make her return to the music scene after what fans must have certainly considered a too-long hiatus. The first single in a long time has already dropped, “Fresh Out the Oven,” and it’s a hot up-tempo dance track produced by the Neptunes and featuring Pitbull, released under the nickname Lola on her MySpace page.

According to several music-oriented publications, there is absolutely no doubt that Lola (of the Who Is Lola? page) is actually Lopez herself, from the beat of the track to the whispery voice that invites the listener to bounce the knees, alternate and then just let the hips do the same thing as he or she takes to the dancefloor to the sound of the single. It could very well be, fans believe, that Jennifer is finally making a move to ditch her J.Lo image by adopting the Beyonce model, who recently made charts history with her alter-ego Sasha Fierce.

Of course, there is little substance to the lyrics of “Fresh Out the Oven,” but, critics say, substance is perhaps the last thing Lopez needs right now if she wants to regain her well-deserved first position in the charts, especially in the light of her latest not too brilliant releases. As far as the song is concerned, it’s written to make the listener want to get to the dancefloor and move to the beat, they say. Because of this, if accompanied by a good video with awesome choreography – the kind Lopez knows how to do so well – and enough promotion, this could turn into a massive hit on all fronts.

Fans, as far as they’re concerned, are positively ecstatic about the release from Lopez, if that’s what “Fresh Out the Oven” turns out to be. While a few claim on dedicated forums that she needs to “come harder” to reclaim her throne, the vast majority of them see in the track a clear sign that Jennifer Lopez, the one who made a name for herself on the music scene for her good dance tracks, is back, without a sign of a doubt whatsoever.

Please refer here to check out the Who Is Lola? MySpace page, as well as to get a good listen of “Fresh Out the Oven.” The full track is also available below – however, it’s of poorer quality than the official version.

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