Jennifer Lawrence on Gaining Weight for a Part: Hell Yeah!

Movie directors usually ask their stars to get thinner, but not David O. Russell

Jennifer Lawrence has already proved her worth as an actress in comedy, drama and romance. One very good reason for which fans love her so much, obvious talent aside, is how incredible relatable and outspoken she is.

Taking some time off shooting the sequel to “The Hunger Games” to promote “Silver Linings Playbook,” which also stars Bradley Cooper as her love interest, Jennifer sat down for an interview with the New York Times.

Among other things, she also praises the film’s director David O. Russell for being one of the few directors in Hollywood to actually tell his female lead to pack some extra weight and not the other way around.

“I was like, ‘Hell, yeah!’ That never happens in a movie,” Jennifer says with glee.

She’s right about that part, as many other actresses before her have already pointed out: the pressure to be thin in the industry is so big that it’s no wonder sometimes women would put their health second just to fit the bill.

Another thing about the industry Jennifer has come to learn, mostly thanks to her role as Katniss in “The Hunger Games,” is that fame can be a blade that cuts both ways.

“It gets overwhelming, where I’ll cry in my car, but not to the point where I don’t want to do what I’m doing,” she says of the kind of fame she’s obtained with the role.

Still, “it’s also something that I’m proud of. Like, I don’t get annoyed when the guy at the bar says, ‘May the odds be ever in your favor’,” Jennifer adds.

She’s also proud of never having had an acting coach, joking that this is “how I can go about life free as an idiot: because I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Of course, critics argue, she doesn’t need an acting coach; her first Oscar nomination, at the age of 20, should also be proof in this sense.

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