Jennifer Aniston’s Puffy Face: Pillow Face or Weight Gain?

Actress is photographed looking less than her stellar self, gossip peaks

Jennifer Aniston always looks impeccable, be it on the red carpet or on screen, or in real life. A set of recent photos of her show her with a fuller face, which has prompted a lot of speculation on whether she's suffering from a classic case of pillow face or she's gained weight for a new role.

As of now, the jury is still out but the debate online rages on.

The Daily Mail, for one, seems to believe that Jen has had too much fillers in the face, which is making her look excessively puffy and actually older than her years.

The star once owned up to trying fillers but insisted that did not get them anymore because they were making her look unlike herself and quite “frozen” in the face.

The Mail is obviously not buying it.

“The images of Jennifer caused fans to take to the internet to comment on the actress' 'pillow face' - a common term used for women who have used too much filler in their face,” it writes.

“Too much filler, she's got that fat faced over fillered look, that is so popular in Hollywood, for some reason. She used to have really nice cheekbones, now she's got a pudgy, filler face,” one commenter says.

Adds another: “I always admired her for being fresh-faced, but now it looks like she's developing that pillow-faced look that seems to go with meddling with your face. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!”

The British tab even provides a side by side photo comparison to prove that, whatever Jennifer is doing, it's making her look fuller in the face.

At the same time, voices are saying that the slightly puffier countenance is down to a little Method acting: Jennifer is working on a new movie and she might have gained some weight to make her character more convincing.

She specifically set out to do this because she knows she couldn't cut it by looking as her old glamorous self.

“She’s at the point where she has to realize she can play the glammed-up hottie forever. If she’s comfortable in his unflattering part, and made herself look less attractive for it, it makes Jen seem more human, and more likable, in the process,” an insider says for the latest print issue of Star magazine, as cited by CelebrityDirtyLaundry.

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