Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secret Revealed: Vaseline

Star has nightly 30-minute ritual that’s meant to maintain her youthful looks

She's already admitted having tried Botox and hating it. Even though she's very much against plastic surgery, Jennifer Aniston only seems to be getting better with age – and it's all down to her secret beauty tip, vaseline.

A source tells British glossy Now that Aniston has long found that Vaseline is just the thing to keep wrinkles at bay, so that she doesn't have to turn to plastic surgery to stay pretty, the Daily Mail reports.

“Thrifty Jennifer Aniston doesn’t just rely on expensive creams and overpriced serums to maintain her youthful skin. The wealthy 43-year-old actress keeps wrinkles at bay using a tried-and-tested technique that costs just £1 [$1.55 / €1.23],” the Mail writes.

“Every night, she religiously smooths trusted beauty stand-by Vaseline below each eye,” adds the publication.

The 30-minute ritual includes a face wash with ice cold water, which is meant to tighten the pores and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

She also gives herself a face massage to stimulate blood flow and tighten the muscles of the face, while applying toner and a delicate moisturizing cream.

However, an insider vouches, the secret to Aniston's flawless skin is Vaseline, which she applies religiously at the end of the routine each night.

“Jen doesn’t like the thought of surgery because she doesn’t want to look stretched, so she has a 30-minute nightly beauty ritual. Jen’s very disciplined when it comes to staying young,” the tipster is quoted as saying.

“The final touch is the quarter of a teaspoon of Vaseline under each eye. It may seem like an effort, but if the key to flawless skin is elbow grease rather than pricey products, perhaps we should all start trying the Aniston regime,” the Mail notes.

As a side note, the Daily Mail is the same publication that, not long ago, claimed to have it on very good authority that Aniston would normally spend $8,000 (€6,397.4) a month to maintain her figure and beauty, a claim the actress herself denied later.

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