Jennifer Aniston Wants to Join Kabbalah, Inspired by Demi Moore

Fiancé Justin Theroux is worried that she might lose money with this, says report

Of the biggest names in showbiz, Jennifer Aniston is one of the few not associated with a religious cult, at least not publicly so. However, that might change very soon, as a new report indicates that she’s been flirting with the idea of joining Kabbalah, in her search for peace and happiness.

Demi Moore is one of the most prominent members of Kabbalah and, Star says in its latest print issue (story via CB), she’s been meeting with Jennifer a lot in recent months. Whether she’s been trying to recruit her or not isn’t mentioned in the report but this seems to be the result of the meetings, because Aniston is considering it.

According to the report, the two first met to discuss a new rom-com, which is when “Jen noticed a marked change” in Demi. As you probably know, just recently, she went through a reportedly nasty divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher and, before that, she had to cope with another cheating scandal in which he was involved.

If one is to believe everything one reads online, she’s still not over him and is having a very tough time coping with the idea that he’s already moved on: he’s engaged to Mila Kunis, who is expecting their first child.

Kabbalah has helped her a lot with this, the report says; hence the “marked change.” “Jen was struck by how calm and centered Demi seemed… Demi explained that it’s a combination of Kundalini yoga, meditation and studying Kabbalah,” an insider says.

So, as it happens to us too whenever we hear of someone having a found a way to make life happier, Jennifer is considering giving Kabbalah a try as well. “Kabbalah is a fit for her because it’s about ‘finding your light’ and helping others,” another source explains.

The last thing on her mind right now is, obviously, how much money this would cost her, which is precisely why her fiancé, Justin Theroux, is so worried. “Justin is skeptical, it sounds to him like a waste of time and a way to get money out of people. He doesn’t like it,” a spy says.

Unlike Scientology, for instance, another religious cult popular with celebrities, Kabbalah doesn’t have the reputation of recruiting mostly rich and famous people for profit. Still, Theroux is thinking that this might turn out to be the case and he dreads the thought of seeing Jennifer being taken advantage of like this.

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