Jennifer Aniston Still Obsessed with Brad Pitt, Still in Therapy

Engaged to Justin Theroux, star is yet to move past first failed marriage

Jennifer Aniston is engaged to be married to Justin Theroux but, according to a new report, she’s yet to move past her first marriage: she’s still obsessed with Brad Pitt even after all this years.

This comes from the latest print issue of the National Enquirer (story via CB), so chances are pretty high there’s nothing to it but rumors and speculation.

Still, the tab claims to have it on very good authority that Jennifer herself recently admitted to a friend that “all these years later, I’m still not over Brad.”

Moreover, insiders say, in one last attempt at closing this chapter in her life because she can’t move forward with Justin otherwise, she’s back to seeing a therapist.

“From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept – love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it,” says an insider.

She also thinks about her ex “on a daily basis,” even though he’s moved on and has started a family with Angelina Jolie, who is now rumored to be pregnant again.

“Justin would hit the roof if he knew how much Jen still pines over him… she’s beginning to think it could wreck their relationship, so she’s gone back into one-on-one counseling – she really wants to dig the old skeletons out of her closet so she can be emotionally unburdened before she walks down the aisle with Justin,” says the source.

“Jen realizes that it’s high time she let go of her unhealthy attachment to Brad… he has obviously moved on with his life – and the truth is, Jen’s very, very happy with Justin too. But Brad is like some kind of a ghost who constantly haunts her,” adds the same spy.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux became engaged last summer in August and, so far, are yet to speak to the press about a possible wedding date.

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