Jennifer Aniston Pushed Courteney Cox Away Because of Justin Theroux

Despite being friends for 20 years, Jen wasn’t at Courteney’s birthday party

For over 20 years, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were inseparable, best friends. They have not been photographed together in quite some time, and The Enquirer advances a possible theory for that: the two have drifted apart because Jen’s fiancé Justin Theroux willed it so.

According to a recent story in the tab, Aniston didn’t even attend Courteney’s most recent birthday party even though she was invited.

Inside sources reveal that she waited until the last moment to change her mind and tell Cox of her decision, only after she and Justin got into a row, and he told her that she must make new friends.

“On June 16, Courteney and her closest buddies, including actresses Laura Dern and Isla Fisher, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, ‘Cougar Town’ co-stars Busy Philipps and Christa Miller and daughter Coco, gathered at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. But her best friend of 20 years was noticeably missing,” The Enquirer says.

As was to be expected, everyone in attendance noticed that Courteney’s so-called best friend wasn’t at the party.

“Jen’s absence was the talk of the party. Courteney invited her, but Jen hemmed and hawed and then finally bailed on coming altogether. She used a lame excuse of being tired from too much work,” says a spy.

It wasn’t until later that Courteney found out what prompted such a decision, namely Justin’s wish for Jennifer to replace her old friends with new ones.

Naturally, she was upset.

“Courteney is sick of forgiving and forgetting. She’s been slighted by Jen one too many times now,” the spy says.

However, “[Jennifer’s] world revolves around Justin. After they hooked up, she dropped the friends who had stuck by her through her difficult split from Brad Pitt,” the same unnamed tipster goes on to say.

Jennifer is also good friends with Chelsea Handler. Some time ago, word online had it that Courteney warned her to stay away from Chelsea because she was bad news and, in response, Aniston shut Cox out completely.

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