Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Talk Babies, Adoption

New report claims the two are set on starting a family ASAP

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are so in love and convinced their relationship can stand the test of time that they're already talking about starting a family together – and even going into business as partners.

The latest print issue of OK! Magazine (story via here) claims to have it on very good authority that the two stars, an item for almost a year, are talking about starting a family as soon as possible.

Jennifer doesn't want to postpone it anymore, says an unnamed spy who claims to be very familiar with the situation.

Should they not be able to conceive, they will adopt, having already discussed that option already.

“Ideally, she wants to be pregnant as soon as possible, but if it doesn’t happen by next year, they’re going to adopt,” says the spy.

“Jen has always been very open to the idea. Plus, it seems these days so many people in her circle are opting to do it that it’s got her thinking of it more and more,” adds the insider.

The former “Friends” star has always wanted a large family. Now that she's met Justin, she knows he's the one to start it with.

“The fact is, she wants to have more than one child and now she’s in her 40s that’s becoming less likely. She wants her baby to have at least one sibling,” the insider claims.

As noted above, Aniston is also thinking about going into business with her beau.

Having stepped down from the production company Plan B, which she started with Brad Pitt, who is now sole owner, she wants to do the same with Justin and get a new production company off the ground.

If one is to believe the OK! report, Aniston is also working right now on a stage musical based on “Friends,” the very popular sitcom she starred on many years ago, as the unforgettable Rachel.

She's in talks with producers to bring it to Broadway, the celebrity publication claims.

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