Jennifer Aniston Feels Angelina Jolie “Can Have” Brad Pitt

New report says ex-wife is totally over Brad, just wants to move on with her own life

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their engagement quite some time ago, but speculation is still rampant on how his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, might have taken the news. According to a new report, she said something like, “she can totally have him.”

Us Weekly claims to have it on very good authority that Jennifer “hates” being constantly informed about everything her ex does, because she really doesn't care, having already moved on from the failed marriage.

Speaking of which, it's been seven years that the two broke up, but that doesn't seem to stop the tabloids from running stories about the so-called “love triangle.”

Now that Brad has proposed to Angelina – and will hopefully be tying the knot –, Jennifer hopes people will finally leave her alone.

“She hates it being brought up because she doesn’t really care,” a friend of the star says for the publication.

“She feels Angelina can have him. She just wants to move on,” adds the same insider.

Luckily, she too has found love, which makes the moving on part easier: for a little over a year, Jennifer has been dating her “Wanderlust” co-star Justin Theroux, with some reports even suggesting they're preparing for a summer wedding as well.

“Jen’s totally happy with Justin. That’s all in the past,” the insider stresses.

As we also informed you a short while ago, it is believed that, just recently, Jen and Justin were scouting for a hotel to host their wedding reception in Crete, where her father is from.

“Sources connected with the Elounda Beach Hotel in Crete (where Aniston's dad was born, located about 230 miles south of Greece) tell TMZ Aniston was there recently, scoping the place out. Our sources say Aniston mentioned a July wedding,” TMZ reported at the time.

A rep for the actress denied this, saying only that it'd be impossible for someone as famous as Aniston to just slip out of the country and travel to Greece in search for the perfect wedding location without anyone taking at least one photo of her.

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