Jennifer Aniston “Explodes” at Justin Theroux for Getting Too Cozy with Co-Star Liv Tyler

Justin and Liv have been working on new HBO series “The Leftovers”

Trouble in paradise again for Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé of 2 years Justin Theroux because, apparently, he’s been getting “too cozy” with his co-star on HBO’s “The Leftovers,” Liv Tyler. Jennifer doesn’t appreciate that, the latest print issue of Life & Style magazine claims.

The show has been a hit since the premiere episode, and as a result, HBO recently renewed it for another season. If the report is accurate, Jennifer would better brace herself for more “coziness” between her man and Liv, because they’re bound to be back on set soon, to shoot new episodes.

The glossy claims that the two have been “racking up alone time – on and off the set” and that their “coziness” made Aniston “explode.” So she went off on Justin.

“She went off on Justin and grilled him over the nature of his relationship with Liv. She seems to view Liv as the other woman – and she can’t stand her,” a friend reveals for the magazine.

If you believe reports that, at the time he and Jennifer started dating, Justin was still with his previous girlfriend, whom he’d been dating for many years, then Aniston has good reason to be this suspicious because, you know what they say, once a cheater always a cheater.

If he cheated with Jennifer, he might cheat ON her as well. There’s also this to consider: he and Jennifer got close on the set of “Wanderlust,” and it’s not uncommon for co-stars to develop romantic feelings towards each other. In fact, most romances in Hollywood are born on the set. What’s stopping Justin from getting into an affair with Liv?

One thing would be the fact that she too is in a relationship: just the other day, she was spotted hand in hand with Dave Gardner, who is a sports agent rumored to be her boyfriend. Rumor online has it that he’s a good friend of David Beckham’s and that he was introduced to Liv through supermodel Kate Moss.

Liv Tyler has been posting a lot of photos with Justin on her Instagram, including these two attached to this article. It’s clear that they’re good friends who spend a lot of time together and who have a lot of fun when they’re on set, but there is no indication there might be more to it.

Still, even these photos would be enough to send a jealous woman into a rage, so maybe this was the case with Jennifer Aniston as well. Considering how her marriage to Brad Pitt ended (he cheated on her with Angelina Jolie and then divorced her), she’d definitely have every reason to err on the cautious and suspicious side.

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