Jennifer Aniston Debuts Short Brown Hair on Movie Set – Photo

“Squirrel to the Nuts” is now shooting in New York, Aniston ditches “The Rachel”

In recent interviews, Jennifer Aniston pretty much disowned “The Rachel,” the famous hairstyle that was created for her during her “Friends” days. However, she still gets a lot of media attention for her beautiful locks, aka “The Aniston.”

Aniston is now in New York, shooting scenes for her new movie, “Squirrel to the Nuts,” which is directed by Oscar-nominee Peter Bodganovich and marks the end of a 10-year hiatus for him.

For the film, Aniston has ditched both “The Rachel” and “The Aniston,” replacing them with a brown wig, which the Daily Mail describes best as “dowdy.”

The tab also has more photos of the actress on location.

“Squirrel to the Nuts” also stars Cybill Shepherd, Owen Wilson, and Eugene Levy, and is expected to arrive in theaters sometime in 2014.

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