Jennifer Aniston Becomes the Face of MIT-Invented Haircare Line, Living Proof [WSJ]

“The Rachel” will be getting the best treatment possible from now on

Jennifer Aniston has just become the face (or, better yet, the hair) of a new, MIT-invented haircare line, Living Proof. She will not only represent the brand in promo materials, but also be actively involved in the creative process behind it.

The aim of the collaboration is to put science back into the spotlight: after so many products boasting to rely on scientific findings in their attempt to tackle a problem disappointed consumers because, in fact, there was no science behind the claims, Living Proof will reinstate faith in science.

Jennifer Aniston will be a part of this process, as she said during the official announcement of the partnership, as cited by WSJ.

“I have been approached many, many times. You want to be part of something that’s exciting and authentic. You can’t get more interesting than these scientists,” Aniston said.

One of these scientists is Dr. Bob Langer, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a chemical engineer, who will be working closely with the star to come out with a new line of haircare products that will, hopefully, take the industry by storm.

For the time being, other details about the line are yet to be revealed to the press.

Jennifer has already tried some products that Dr. Langer has created, telling the press she’d never seen such amazing results before.

She’s also taken some for long-term testing with her hairdresser Chris McMillan, who is also the creator of the famous “the Rachel.”

“Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything… blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it. My hair has taken a serious beating,” the star also said of the partnership.

“After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day. I could not be more excited to share Living Proof with the world,” Aniston added.

Considering how famous Aniston is and how much media attention she usually gets for her hair, which, no matter what, always looks impeccable, there’s little doubt that the collaboration won’t work.

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