Jennie Garth Reveals Her 3 Tips to Feel Happy in 2013

Star opens up about heartbreak, diet and health in new issue of Health magazine

Jennie Garth did not have a very smooth 2012, what with her divorce from Peter Facinelli, but she’s learning from her mistakes and looking forward to a better, happier and healthier 2013. Here are her 3 tips to feel happier.

The star recently sat down for an interview with Health Magazine and, in between talking about her heartbreak, her new diet and her workout tricks, she also shed some light on the 3 ways she has of feeling better about herself.

“I have a list on my iPhone of things that make me happy,” she says flashing her mega-watt smile. The first would be to always inspire yourself, especially at those times when you can’t find your motivation elsewhere.

“I put Post-it notes with quotes or reminders of my awesomeness on my mirror. My favorite is: ‘You are enough.’ So often we walk around and feel inferior — not smart enough or thin enough. It means that I'm enough exactly the way I am,” Jennie explains.

The second tip is to say “I love you” whenever you feel like saying it. It will instantly change your mood, the star promises.

“They're my favorite words, and I don't say them enough to other people, let alone to myself. When you say them, it makes you want to be gentle and kind. Even if you're mad, there's that love,” she explains.

Last but not least, remember to be your own booster.

“There's no room for negative self talk. None. Just ban it from your vocabulary,” Jennie advises.

For more from Jennie and her resolution to lead a healthier life, which includes a new diet (but not a fad one, because she’s against those) and tricks to motivate you to stick to your workout routine, please refer here, or just pick up the new issue of Health, now at newsstands.

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