Jenni Rivera’s Family Disgusted by Leak of Death Scene Footage

Footage from the crash site emerges online, was probably leaked by Mexican cops

This week started with sad news for music lovers from all over the world: singer Jenni Rivera died after a small private jet she and her team were on crashed in Mexico. Footage from the crash site has emerged online, and her family is nothing short of outraged.

As word of the crash spread online, relatives and fans still clung to hope that she might have changed her mind and not got on the plane at the last minute.

Within hours, though, confirmation came that she was on the plane. Jenni Rivera was identified and pronounced dead by authorities. She was only 43 years old.

As if the family wasn’t dealing with enough, footage shot at the scene of the crash, showing mangled body parts that are believed to have belonged to the singer, has emerged online.

“Jenni Rivera's family is DISGUSTED that crash scene video showing the gruesome remains of the Mexican singer has hit the Internet, and now they want the scumbags responsible to be brought to justice,” TMZ reports.

“Officials have already arrested two Mexican police officers, at least one of whom is believed to have leaked images of the crash scene to the media – including shots of mangled body parts,” the same media outlet says.

“Additional leaked footage from the scene has spread like wildfire across the Internet – showing more body parts, including a severed foot with painted toenails,” TMZ further says.

There is no word yet on whether the footage is real, but Rivera’s family is convinced it is. They’re also thinking that one of the police officers might have shot it and then leaked / sold it to the press.

“Family sources tell us, the Riveras are hoping to have all traces of the footage wiped from the web... at least, as much as possible,” TMZ writes.

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