Jennette McCurdy Posts Revealing Photo of Her Body on Instagram, Is Somewhat Confusing

Earlier this year, Nickelodeon star was very upset when similar shots were leaked online

Jennette McCurdy is confusing. Even though, earlier this year, the star of the now-defunct “Sam & Cat” series with Ariana Grande professed she was deeply hurt by the leak of a series of revealing photos of herself in lingerie, here she is exposing herself again to a similar situation – apparently of her own volition.

The 22-year-old actress and singer posted a photo of her body from the neck down on Instagram, and though there’s nothing X-rated about it, the implications of it are. The same goes for the caption she posted for it, which included a reference to her derriere and how “boys are gross” for looking at it.

Her argument falls by force of the fact that she’s the one showing it off, assuming she really was trying to make a point.

So McCurdy is trying to get people to pay attention to her body. Even fans who loved her as the teen Sam on the aforementioned series – and who might be having some problems putting these two images of her together – will agree on that this kind of selfies is a dime a dozen on social media, even if you factor in that she’s obviously not wearing a bra.

Not even her caption that we can’t reproduce, which is unexpected to say the least, is that uncommon on Instagram or Twitter, even with celebrities.

What is strange though is to see a young female star who, not long ago, was telling whoever would listen that she was so bummed out and embarrassed by the leak of her private photos pretty much recreate the same situation by releasing a revealing pic herself.

The only thing that has changed now is that she’s no longer a Nickelodeon star: at the time of the leak, her show was still in production limbo, with fans eagerly awaiting an official announcement for a new season. It never came, and if we’re to believe reports online, the scandalous leak might have had a lot to do with the decision to pull the plug.

Jennette blamed basketball player Andre Drummond for the leak: the two dated for a while and parted ways on less than friendly terms, with her saying in an interview that he wasn’t the best kisser she’d had. She made it sound as if he was getting back at her by leaking her photos.

This time, McCurdy is taking responsibility: she’s telling you to look at her body and pay attention, and she’s doing it on her own terms. She’s definitely moving on from her Nickelodeon image, and like many other former child stars before her, she seems determined to do so by pushing a raunchier image.

To many, it has proved a successful strategy. Time will tell if it will also work for Jennette McCurdy.

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