Jenna Marbles on GMA: Being So Popular Is Ridiculous – Video

The most famous person on the Internet calls fame “crazy,” “bizarre”

As ABC’s Good Morning America also notes, Jenna Marbles is perhaps the most famous person on the Internet… that you never heard of. With more fans online than the likes of Oprah or Jennifer Lawrence, Jenna still can’t believe her videos have had such an impact.

Check out the video below for her interview with GMA.

Marbles (real name: Jenna Mourey) shot to online fame with videos on a wide array of topics, from how to fool people into thinking you’re gorgeous to how to apply makeup when you’re drunk, but she never expected to get as famous as she is today.

“It’s bizarre, I mean… it’s just crazy,” she tells GMA.

“It’s ridiculous that a lot of people watch it and what I put out on the Internet is ridiculous, yeah… I would image that some people would find it entertaining. The amount of people who have found it entertaining is ridiculous,” she adds.

Another thing about Jenna is that she really loves to say “ridiculous.”


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