Jenna Fischer Embraces Her Post-Pregnancy Figure

“The Office” star says she's in no rush to lose the pregnancy weight

With some Hollywood moms bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy weight in as little as 3 months, Jenna Fischer, known for her role on “The Office,” says she's in no rush to get there – not if that means putting herself and her baby at risk.

Fischer married screenwriter Lee Kirk in 2010 and, four months ago, gave birth to their first child, Weston.

She hasn't lost that much weight since then and, though looking curvier on the red carpet at the SAG Awards 2012, she says she's perfectly happy with the way she looks.

She has every reason to: she's healthy, Weston is healthy and, though she claims differently, she looks stunning (pictured).

“Let me please stand in solidarity with all of the women who are not a size 2 six weeks after leaving the hospital,” the 37-year-old actress told Us Weekly on the red carpet at the awards show.

She bought all she'd read in women's magazines about shedding the weight after the baby, but she's struggling to attain her target.

“I thought, you read all of the stuff in magazines like, 'Oh, I breastfed my baby and I am so skinny now.' I am breast-feeding my baby and I am not getting any skinnier!” she said.

In the end, Jenna is happy with the way things are right now – she has more important things to focus on, now that the baby is here, than her figure.

“I think I’m just going to be a little bit bigger for a little bit longer, and that’s fine with me,” she says.

At the awards show, Jenna wore a custom-made Max Azria Atelier blue gown, which, she said, “made me look the smallest I could possibly look right now after just having had a baby.”

She also revealed that, while she felt bad at first to leave Weston at home and go out, she planned on having a good time, especially since she was there with her husband and they wanted to make the outing into a date night, of sorts.

“I love being a family. I love going from two people to three people, and it has deepened the bond between me and my husband. We love being together, the three of us. Our little unit,” she added, speaking of how motherhood had changed her.

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