Jedi Kitten Uses the Force in Viral Video

An evil cat finds she has Jedi powers, uses them on a fish

A kitten wants to be Luke Skywalker in this awesome viral video, uploaded to YouTube by user FinalCutKing.

This clip was posted about a week ago, and it's already received more than 2 million views, all well deserved.

The Apple-loving Jedi Kitten sees Yoda use the force and is tempted to try it out. She goes after a fish like a silent killer, creating a diversion so that its owner's entrance in the house is delayed.

As it manages to lift her prey from the fish bowl, she is caught in the act and goes on to make her owner choke.

It appears its forces grow stronger as it gets closer to the dark side. The ending of the clip hints that the fish will be served for supper.

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