Jean-Michel Jarre Introduces AeroSystem for iPod, iPhone

Unique design, flawless sound quality

AeroSystem is a system of loudspeakers designed and developed by Jean-Michel Jarre for use with Apple's iPods and iPhone. Upon launching JMJ Technologies in collaboration with MyFab, Jarre revealed he had imagined a line of concept-products with a unique design and optimum sound experience through technology.

The envelope of the enclosure, made of ultra-resistant glass, allows the system to deliver extremely pure sound. From concept to production, AeroSystem relies on latest-generation technologies, materials and innovations, according to JMJ Technologies. “This technological advantage, combined with Jarre's expertise, allows AeroSystem to offer music lovers and fans the most demanding and accurate sound reproduction.”

Unlike traditional speakers, its electronic circuit signal processing has been specially designed to restore bass and treble for MP3 encoding. AeroSystem is now entering the iPod world as “a new standard of beauty and listening quality,” JMJ Technologies reveals.

So here's what you're getting for €450 (around $580):


- 1 subwoofer 450 W PMPO, or 45 W RMS

- medium / tweeter 2 speakers of 200 W PMPO, or 20 W RMS

Integrated amplifier in the base of the enclosure

Remote design

Available in black or silver

Size and weight:

- Diameter: 12 cm

- Bottom Diameter 25 cm

- Height: 108 cm

- Weight: 10 kg


- iPod 30-pin connector compatible with iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone (see below)

- USB 2.0 Host Prize able to read any type of digital audio file (on your USB external hard drive)

- Auxiliary input for mini-jack analog / digital 3.5 mm

The AeroSystem is compatible with most of Apple's portable players, but also with the iPhone. For a closer look at this ingenious device, see JMJ Technologies' website here.

Jean-Michel Jarre is well known for his amazing outdoor performances, but also for his unique, custom-built instruments such as the Theremin, the Laser Harp and the Stylophone. He is regarded as the father of electronic music, and is currently on tour in Europe celebrating 30 years since launching his most famous album, Oxygene.

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