Jay-Z’s Bodyguards Punch Concertgoer for Insulting Beyonce

“It got pretty ugly,” unconfirmed report says of the backstage ruckus

Over the weekend, Beyonce became Jay-Z's number one fan during his gig at BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend, joining her sister and other fans in the mosh pit for some clean old fun. She almost got more than she'd bargained for – had it not been for Jay's bodyguards to protect her.

A report in the Daily Star claims that the rapper's beefy minders got into a very nasty altercation (a “punch-up”) with some dude who was so uninspired as to shout obscenities at his wife, Beyonce.

The guy was a bit drunk, but that did not seem to matter: after Beyonce heard what he'd yelled at her, she became so upset that she alerted the bodyguards, presumably asking them to remove him from the premises.

“Whatever was said, it really upset Beyonce. Jay-Z’s bodyguards weren’t going to have any of it. They waded in and there was a massive ruckus,” an insider says for the publication.

So massive was the ruckus that other bodyguards immediately escorted the pop diva to safer ground, lest she be injured in some way in the altercation.

“It got pretty ugly and Beyonce was whisked away so she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it,” the eyewitness recalls.

However, she did not let this minor incident ruin her evening: she still joined fellow revelers in the mosh pit and cheered on her husband when he took to the stage with Kanye West – and a surprise appearance from Rihanna as well.

“She was loving every second of it. Beyonce’s his wife but she looked like every other fan that was there. It was brilliant watching her,” another spy tells the Daily Star.

Below is a video of Beyonce in the mosh pit, dancing to Jay and Kanye's “N****s in Paris.” If the report above is accurate, the incident occurred before this.

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