Jay-Z Rides the Subway, Chats Up Old Lady

Video shows the rapper like we’ve never seen him before

He’s got 99 problems but transportation ain’t one. The other day, Jay-Z proved to the entire world that, though with many millions in the bank, he’s still just like us – well, almost.

The rapper opted to ride the subway for a change instead of his own SUV or limo. Not only that, but he also chatted up an old lady, and the entire adorable dialog was captured on camera and is available for your viewing pleasure above.

Check it out.

Within hours after the clip was posted online, it went viral for all the obvious reasons, the biggest one being that this is Jay-Z, the most powerful and successful artist and businessman of our times riding the subway.

The adorable old woman, Ellen by her name, would be another reason. Enjoy!

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