Jay Z Is Cheating on Beyonce with Mya: She’s Been There “Forever”

Report claims that Mya lives off Jay’s generosity these days, does nothing else

Beyonce and Jay Z have been putting up a united front since the Solange elevator fight, which was the first clear indication we’ve had in years that there might be some trouble in the life of the most famous couple in music.

Of course, that’s not to say that the divorce / cheating rumors will just go away, because they won’t.

Media Take Out is now saying that one of the women Jay has been cheating on Beyonce with is singer Mya, with whom he worked many years ago, back when she was at the peak of her fame.

Apparently, word of this first got out some time ago, on a website called Crazy Days and Nights, which is actually a blind item website. The thing with blind items is that, while they do occasionally turn out to be true, they’re very hard to pinpoint exactly, let alone trace back to a reliable source.

Most of the times, they’re a fun way to pass the time for gossip lovers, who see each blind item as a puzzle waiting to be solved.

So here’s what this one about Jay said: “When people talk about Jay Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn't had a hit in a while and doesn't really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-.”

A few days after the blind item was posted, MTO says, the former attorney running the website offered an answer to it, identifying the alleged mistress as singer (and former Dancing With the Stars contestant) Mya.

There’s a lot to be said about the credibility of MTO as well but, if you believe in the saying that there’s never smoke without a fire, you’re probably tempted to consider (at the very least) all these cheating rumors, because they have been increasing in number and frequency since the Solange incident.

Other women that have been linked romantically to Jay Z include Rihanna and Rita Ora, who happen to be signed to Jay’s label, and some hostess who actually threatened to sue the website that claimed she was sleeping with the rapper whenever he was in New York.

Beyonce too is said to be sleeping around, with reports claiming she’s been keeping her bodyguard as a lover all these years, which Jay found out a very long time ago.

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