Jay Ratliff: Dallas Cowboys Player Under Arrest for DUI

He was not willing to give out blood samples, when police arrived

Dallas Cowboy Jay Ratliff has been arrested for a possible DUI. He was apprehended in Grapevine, Texas, on Monday, January 21.

According to nfl.com, Ratliff, a starting nose tackle, was driving a black Ford F-150 truck when he hit an 18-wheeler.

He was alone in the vehicle at the time, and has not been injured, Senior Police Officer Sam Shemwell clarifies. NBCDFW writes that he did not realize that a collision had taken place, when police arrived at the scene.

“He had no idea how the crash occurred; and so I would just leave it at that,” Shemwell says.

The Cowboy refused to perform a sobriety test or give out a blood sample, and was arrested and escorted to the station.

Once there, officers filed for a warrant, and were able to get samples of his blood for testing. Results have not come in yet; however, police assessed that he was visibly intoxicated.

Ratliff had argued with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones throughout the season. On Tuesday, Jones spoke about the player in a press conference, a statement relayed by ESPN.

“As far as I'm concerned, he is outstanding, he has given everything he's ever had to the Dallas Cowboys.

“With me, any of that emotion that were involved between us is only reflected back on many times that we've had in our own way some emotional time with each other. And it in no way before was ever contentious.

“So when you've got the kind of background we've got together, then if you have a moment that you might not have been on the same page, that's like father-son, that's like family, that's like all that. That's forgotten when you know each other has your best interests at heart. We both know that,” Jones told reporters.

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