Jay Leno Takes Up Stand-Up Comedy After Tonight Show Retirement

The former anchor isn't dropping out of the public eye

It's nice to see that the former host of the Tonight Show is not wallowing in self-pity and rolling over just because his 22-year stint on TV is over. Jay Leno has already started performing a one-man stand-up comedy show in Florida.

The 63-year-old might have been crying when he said goodbye to his viewers on Thursday, as his final appearance aired, but at the Capitol Theater in Clearwater on Sunday, he had fans laughing their hearts out.

Many of those who were in attendance commended the TV personality for his witty jokes, some of which were a tad racy. The general consensus was that Leno was keeping all the good stuff off the screen because it was too dirty to be aired.

Though some noted that his material on pop culture was a bit outdated, they only had praising words for his performance, proving that television hasn't dulled his comedic instincts, notes Entertainmentwise.

This confirms the high figures in terms of rating Leno had for his final episode. The final number was 14.2 million viewers, making it the fourth most watched Tonight Show with Jay Leno at the helm.

While being Leno's final thumb-in-nose at the network, it also raises the bar quite high for replacement Jimmy Fallon, who is set to take the reins on February 17.

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