Jawbone Headset/Speaker Owner Accounts Hacked

Some users of the MyTalk service may want to change their e-mail passwords and such

The danger with Internet/cloud-stored information is that hackers tend to have an easier time of breaking into it and exposing it in bulk.

Jawbone speaker and headset owners have found this out the hard way.

An e-mail sent to users of the MyTalk service reveals that people who use it to store their personalized settings may have had their names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords compromised.

MyTALK getting hacked is quite a problem, since all updates and online services go through it.

No one has been found using the stolen information yet, but people should modify their info just to be safe. Otherwise, they may find their accounts being used by others.

Jawbone has already disabled the passwords of users thought to be affected, so at least that much incentive exists.

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