Jawbone Fitness Tracker Finally Gains Wireless Support

Bluetooth has finally been added to the Jawbone UP24

You'd think that Jawbone, a Bluetooth gadget specialist, would have included wireless support in its fitness trackers right off the bat, but as it has now become clear, that did not happen. At least now that oversight has been addressed.

Jawbone has introduced the UP24, which possesses Bluetooth 4.0 support, allowing it to send real-time updates to your smartphone (iPhone specifically).

Android phones aren't supported yet, but they should be soon. It ultimately depends on when the Android-compatible iteration of the UP app is made (now at version 3.0).

Other than that, the Jawbone UP is the same reliable fitness tracker it has always been, capable of providing detailed info about how your jogging or other exercises are going.

The UP 3.0 application is actually pretty important, because it includes a sort of goal setting program. A mini feature, but one that could be very useful.

For instance, you can input certain goals (like running a certain distance or performing a number of squats), and the Jawbone UP24 will be able to tell you if you've achieved the goal or not.

The app will work with last year's Up tracker as well as the new wireless one, so you don't really need to buy the new gadget to use it.

Shipments should start on November 19 for the price of $150 / €150, which, unfortunately, is a bit much, wireless or no.

After all, Jawbone isn't the only supplier of fitness trackers, and some of the alternatives are better and have extra perks than this (Withings Pulse, Fitbit Force, Basis B1).

The lack of Android support (for now) is also bound to cut down on the potential consumer base significantly.

Add to that the fact that the previous-generation Jawbone Up is $20 / €20 cheaper and the picture is not very encouraging. Maybe Black Friday will bring some temporary deals, but that's still a way off (November 29).

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