Japanese Winter Wonderland Is Made of Millions of LEDs

Most people consider this to be the “best light show in the country”

The island of Nagashima in Kuwana is now home to a so-called Japanese winter wonderland made up of millions of LED lights.

Taken together, these LED lights are strikingly similar to a field of glowing flowers.

Seeing how this winter wonderland was created in the Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden, one can only assume that this was the artist's idea to begin with.

Inhabitat reports that the LED lights used to create this installation come in various colors, such as purple, blue, green and pink.

As well as this, it seems that each of them is carefully tucked away in a bulb whose design was inspired by nature.

While some of the LED lights form rainbows, others mimic the images of the aurora borealis.

Most of the people who have come to visit this winter wonderland agree that it is simply the “best light show in the country.”

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