Japanese Space Agency: Epsilon Rocket Details Possibly Stolen by Spyware

JAXA is trying to determine if the attack was targeted

On November 21, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) discovered a piece of spyware on a computer belonging to the organization. The agency’s representatives believe that the malware might have stolen information on Epsilon, their solid-fueled rocket.

According to Voice of Russia, the infected device was disconnected from the local area network as soon as the threat was identified.

JAXA is currently investigating the incident in an attempt to determine how the spyware ended up on the machine. It could be part of a cyberattack that specifically targeted the agency, or it could simply be a piece of malware that ended up on the computer by accident.

The attackers might have obtained details such as rocket parameters, protocols related to the agency’s meetings, and even engine maintenance information.

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