Japanese Software Developer Worked to Death

650 suicides in Japan were work-related

A Japanese software developer that joined Fujitsu in 2000 committed suicide only two years after, following the completion of a major project with the company. Related to the incident is a January 2002 diagnosis of depression due to work pressure as the developer had amounted to some 159 of overtime hours.

The workers family initiated legal action against the company holding it responsible for the death of their employee. The Atsugi Labor Standards Inspection Office initially rejected the claim but only to be upheld by the Tokyo District Court following an appeal.

"As a part of our effort to manage our employees' hours of work, we are conducting training sessions for management levels, as well as providing a system where management could check employee attendance records on real-time basis," stated Fujitsu addressing the matter. The company also stressed that the event will be analyzed seriously to identify, isolate and prevent further similar cases.

Japan holds a negative record as far as work related suicides are concerned with more than 650 deaths. The family of Fujitsu's developer will receive financial compensation for their loss.

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