Japanese Nuclear Plant Sits on Top of a Seismic Fault, Geologist Says

Thousands gather in Tokyo to protest the Ohi nuclear power plant

The fact that Japanese citizens are dead set on convincing high officials that the best thing they can do is shut down all of the country's nuclear power plants is no news.

Thus, it was only recently that thousands decided to rally and march to Tokyo, where they once again protested the opening of the Ohi nuclear plant in western Japan.

This nuclear plant happens to be the only facility converting nuclear power into electricity now up and running in Japan.

Apparently, their determination to force the country's high officials into shutting down this nuclear plant was fueled by a statement made not very long ago by a geologist who argued that the Ohi nuclear plant was sitting on top of a dangerous seismic fault.

In other words, any potential earthquake could translate into a nuclear disaster fully capable of giving Fukushima a run for its money.

More information and footage of the protesters are made available to you in the video below.

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