Japanese Government Investigates Major University Data Breaches

Team GhostShell leaked data from 5 Japanese educational institutions

At the beginning of October, Team GhostShell published around 120,000 record sets collected after breaching several of the world’s most important universities. Since some of the affected educational institutions are from Japan, the country’s government has launched an investigation into the matter.

The affected institutions are Osaka City University, University of Tokyo, Nagoya University, Tohoku University, and Kyoto University.

After consulting with the targeted organizations, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has launched an investigation, The Mainichi reports.

Tohoku University representatives claim that the server targeted by the hackers doesn’t contain any personal information. However, others weren’t so fortunate.

University of Tokyo believes that personnel email addresses and names have been leaked, while Nagoya University stated that administrator IDs and customer email addresses might have been exposed.

The details of students from Osaka City University were apparently accessed, but the school’s public relations department believes that the institution might have been mistaken for Osaka University, the one that’s actually among the top universities in the world.

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