Japanese Erotic Game Turns Playstation 3 Into Pervstation 3

Cute girls eating bananas and sausages...that's about it

Wait, it's not just another hentai adventure coming straight to the PS3, but surprisingly enough a strategy RPG, named Record of Agarest War. In this title, developed by Idea Factory and RED, the player will have to make the heroines fall in love with him in order to ... produce an offspring. This strange genre is called "Soul Breed" and the reward for spawning your successor will be a special cutscene.

Call this a "baby-making RPG", that still allows you to defeat a monster every now and then... In case you want to buy the game, keep in mind that it will be released in Japan at the end of the current month. Hmm...the screenshots from Idea Factory's title are not very eloquent, since they only show stuff we've seen in hentai movies or silly anime episodes. We'll get to check out those cute-faced girls eating bananas, hanging around in their bathing suits, eating sausages, getting their faces messed up by ice-cream and many other mind-teasers.

I bet that Record of Agarest War will sell pretty well in Japan and other Asian countries and I wonder if we'll ever see it surfacing in Europe or the US. Since most male gamers are hentai and anime fans, they'll surely want to give the title a try, specially if the price is reasonable. Will the game also teach us about the responsibility that comes with creating an offspring or is it just a pretext to show sexy girls and their eating habits? How about an erotic RTS? Or even a shooter...

I'm sure that you can include sex in any game, pertaining to all of the existing genres, although I have my doubts when it comes to sports... Naked FIFA anyone? Or maybe we'll stick to those beautiful tennis playing girls...

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