Japanese Company Invents Wagging Tail Controlled by Your Mood

Shippo responds to user's emotional states and wags appropriately

Shippo, the wagging tail, was premiered by the Neurowear company at this year's Tokyo Games Show. Shippo is the Japanese expression of the English word “tail.”

The products makes use of an electroencephalography(EEG) scanner embedded in every device to figure out the user's mood. By analyzing electrical patterns emitted by the brain, the device determines when and how to start wagging the tail.

A similar device was used in their previous brain wave-controlled product. The company is famous for inventing the Necomimi cat ear set last year, a headset advertised as a set of brainwave cat ears.

The wagging tail also requires a headset to pick up on brainwaves. A clip-on heart monitor is also required for the device to work.

The pattern of the tail movement will depend on the brain wave range the user displays, GizMag reports. If he or she is relaxed, the tail will wag softly and slowly, and its movement will intensify if they become anxious, turning into a fast and angry waggle.

A Bluetooth connection carries information from the EEG headset to the tail-like appendage. The company promises an interesting product, with no limits to its application in social interaction.

Its geotagging and smartphone sharing features allow users to share their mood on social media. The location of the person using this feature would then be included on a map, allowing them to connect to their friends, as well as other tail-waggers.

If more users check in at a specific time, in a specific area, and their mood appears to be calm and tranquil, the area can become known to online friends as a good relaxation spot.

The makers of the brain-controlled tail are sure their product will be a hit, and will bring people together, as you can see in their hilarious advert below:

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