Japanese Company Intros Next Generation of Sex Dolls, Live Moaning Included

The new Honey sex dolls with a built-in MP3 player

Sex dolls have been the lonely men's best friends for quite some time now, but one of their most important problems is that they don't exactly offer the level of "feedback" provided by real human beings. However, it would seem that the Japanese company Axis has decided to do something about this particular subject and launched a new and improved version of this popular sex toy, which is actually capable of emitting various sounds, depending on the user's preferences.

Thus, the new "models" presented by the Japanese company come packed with a built-in MP3 player, a speaker, as well as a couple of pressure sensors. The speaker and the battery box (the device works with 4 AAA batteries) are both installed in the doll's head, while the pressure sensors are wired to the chest area.

This "sexual audio system" works in a pretty straightforward and simple manner. After the device is switched on, it will generate certain sounds whenever the user "squeezes" the area where the pressure sensors are located. In order to provide an even higher degree of realism, the speaker is located right in the doll's mouth (well, not exactly in the mouth, since this is used for some other purposes, but rather in the empty head cavity) and the sound level is fully adjustable (since it's quite a well-known fact that some people like even their "rubber-women" loud).

As mentioned earlier, this thing comes packed with a built-in MP3 player, but also with a couple of included sound samples, one more erotic than the next. Nevertheless, the user can also connect the player to a PC and upload his own sounds, thus allowing an even greater level of customization and versatility.

Other than that, the Honey Dolls are not that different from the other such sex toys available on the market, since they're manufactured out of a very high quality rubber material and provide very high level of details. However, they're also extremely expensive, since one of those things retails for around 6,000 (yeah, six thousand) US dollars, which is an extremely high price to pay for such a doll (unless the users plans a life together for him and his rubber companion).

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