Japanese Citizens Protest Against Restarting Nuclear Reactor [VIDEO]

While refiring operations commence, people gather in front of Ohi's nuclear plant

As we previously reported, Japanese high officials have recently decided to restart two of the nuclear reactors at the Ohi power plant, which was shut down in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.

In spite of growing protests amongst Japanese citizens, it seems that the government went ahead with its plan and, as of Sunday, 9 a.m., operations to refire said nuclear reactors began.

Channel News Asia explains that this event marks the end of Japan's going without nuclear power, a situation that only lasted for two months.

Those in favor of restarting the power plant at Ohi argue that, up until Fukushima, a third of the country's electricity demands were met by means of nuclear power.

Therefore, it is impossible for the nation to suddenly go without it and still carry on with its daily activities undisturbed.

However, there are still many who believe that nuclear power is not the right way to go, given the risks involved when resorting to this energy source.

The same source informs us that, on the morning of Sunday, July 1st, while engineers were working towards setting the nuclear reactors back into motion, a crowd of people gathered up in front of Ohi's power plant in order to protest against what was happening inside.

Seeing how Japanese people are well known for not organizing open-protests all that often, it can be argued that their showing up in large numbers in front of the power plants and stating that “We are against the restart” goes to show exactly how much they disapprove of this situation.

Engineers argue that there is absolutely no risk for the re-started nuclear reactors to run rampant and that energy will begin being generated as soon as Wednesday.

After this, it will only take one more week until said reactors will be operating at full capacity.

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