Japanese Authorities Offer Reward for Hacker Behind Threat-Making Virus

$36,000 (28,000 EUR) is the reward for anyone who can help in the suspect's identification

Back in October, we learned that an interesting virus was making the rounds in Japan. It took over computers and started posting all sorts of threats on the Internet on behalf of their owners.

The situation was highly embarrassing for Japanese authorities who rushed to arrest the individuals who owned the infected computers. Now, they're offering a 3 million yen ($36,000 or 28,000 EUR) bounty for anyone that can help them track down the creator of the virus.

According to Computerworld, the police are looking for an individual who is skilled in coding in the C# programming language.

They also reveal the fact that the suspect uses the “Syberian Post Office” method to anonymously publish his messages on the Web.

Until recently, Japanese authorities have offered such rewards only for people suspected of crimes such as murder or arson, but the policy has been changed.

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