Japanese Authorities Are Good at Catching Mobile Malware Developers, Experts Say

However, there's a long way to go until mobile malware is eradicated altogether

Jimmy Shah, mobile security researcher at McAfee, highlights the fact that Japanese authorities are doing a decent job when it comes to identifying and prosecuting individuals responsible for the development of mobile malware.

In the past period, Japanese law enforcement apprehended the crooks that created Android/OneClickFraud, and the ones behind Android/DougaLeaker, also known as “The movie” malware.

While “The movie” malware helped its creators steal tons of information from victims, OneClickFraud aided its masters in making a serious amount of money.

Both the malicious elements were spread via Android app markets, being advertised as entertainment applications.

“Although this is a good start, it’s unlikely that we’ll see all mobile malware disappear. We still see a majority of new malware coming from unregulated third-party app markets and from servers offering drive-by downloads of malware,” Shah noted.

He emphasizes the fact that as long as a profit can be made, we’ll likely continue to see such attacks.

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