Japan’s New Floating Train Hits 310 Mph (498.9 Km/Hour)

The train will make its public debut in 2027 on the Tokyo-Nagoya route

By on November 29th, 2012 20:51 GMT

Recent news from Japan informs us that, as early as 2027, people living in this part of the world will be given the opportunity to travel at speeds of over 310 miles per hour (that's roughly 500 kilometers per hour).

Thus, Japan's JR Central Railway Company debuted a prototype of a new maglev train they plan to start building as soon as possible.

Seeing how this engineering masterpiece promises to be both smooth and fast, it will also improve on the people's opinion concerning public transportation.

Apparently, one such train can carry as many as 1,000 commuters at a time. From an environmental standpoint, that can only come as good news.

reports that the train will first be implemented on the Tokyo-Nagoya route, but that other destinations are also being taken into consideration for future projects.