January Brings 10.4% Drop in Large Display Sales

The total volume was of 65.16 million units, quite a letdown really

When asked, most people would say that even one million is a huge number, so learning that January was a time when 65.16 million large-size displays shipped would sound amazing to most.

It turns out the figure really isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Not only is it 10.4% lower on month (meaning compared to December 2012), it is also 27% below the level reached in January 2012 (on year as it were).

The LCD TV market suffered the most from the slow season that always follows the winter holiday shopping period. Sales dropped 5.9% on month, to 18.64 million.

Then there were the monitors, which went down by a combined 14.4%, to 12.64 million.

As for notebook panels, screens above 10 inches in size went down 32.9%, to 12.61 million.

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