Jan Brewer Punches Reporter Questioning Her About Global Warming

The question was an unexpected one, took the Arizona governor by surprise

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is now getting significant amounts of media attention, and odds are she is not very happy about it.

This is because the news that made headlines is that Jan Brewer took a swing at a reporter who dared ask her about her opinions concerning climate change and global warming.

Thus, the Arizona governor was invited to a press conference by the state's local KTVK station.

Apparently, there was no script for what questions the reporter was allowed to ask Jan Brewer (and if there was, he sure did not stick to it), hence his asking the governor to share her views on global warming.

According to Huffington Post, Jan Brewer's response to this question went something like this:

“Everybody has an opinion on it, you know, and I probably don't believe that it's man-made. I believe that, you know, that weather and certain elements are controlled maybe by different things.”

Denis Welch, the reporter who asked this question, only did so because the governor was expected to soon speak at an energy summit.

Since the energy industry and global warming are very much intertwined, it need not come as a surprise that there are quite a lot of people out there who might have wanted to hear a more elaborate answer.

After listening to the governor’s answer, the reported turned towards a camera man and stopped paying attention to Jan Brewer. At this point, the governor used her fist to punch the reporter on the back of his right arm.

“Where in the hell did that [question] come from?” she supposedly mumbled after delivering the punch.

Granted, Denis Welch did not suffer any permanent damage to his arm, and the blow was meant to be more of a warning rather than a punishment, but most people agree that Jan Brewer's behavior was uncalled for and inappropriate.

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