Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Engaged to Cutter Dykstra

Actress and singer shows off her huge engagement ring on Twitter to break the news

Happy news for fans of former “Sopranos” star Jamie-Lynn Sigler: the 31-year-old star has just gotten engaged to Cutter Dykstra, as they both confirm on their respective Twitter feeds.

Cutter is a Washington Nationals infielder, son of former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra. Sigler is best known for her role on the hit HBO series, though her resume also includes gigs as a singer.

The two have chosen to ditch the traditional channel of announcing the happy news to fans, i.e. via a publicist, to break the news themselves on Twitter.

“So this happened…,” Sigler tweeted the other day, including a photo of herself showing off her brand new bling. The photo may be blurry but the bauble she’s sporting seems pretty impressive nonetheless.

You can see the pic attached to this article as well.

Cutter, who is 8 years her junior, is also seen grinning happily in the photo, right there next to Jamie-Lynn.

“She said yes,” he adds on his own Twitter, confirming once more that he did, indeed, pop the question.

“Thank you so much for all the love everyone. I am so happy and more importantly lucky!” Jamie-Lynn tweeted a while later, as congratulatory messages came pouring in.

Neither she nor Cutter has yet announced a wedding date or offered more details, presumably because they’re still to talk about all that.

This will be the second time down the aisle for the actress and singer, having been married to her manager A.J. DiScala until 2005, when they amicably filed for divorce.

The marriage lasted only 2 years.

In 2010, Jamie-Lynn started dating Cutter and, most of the time, they managed to fly under the radar, which explains the lack of more personal details where they’re concerned.

Be that as it may, congratulations are in order for the newly engaged couple!

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